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It also argues that the State Power Authority has disregarded its own guidelines by offering a $105 million “industrial incentive award” to a project anchored by the proposed Bass Pro retail store..

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The Emirate of Transjordan (Arabic: Imrat Sharq al-Urdun lit. "Emirate of east Jordan"), officially known as the Amirate of Trans-Jordan, was a British protectorate established on April 1921.. After the Ottoman defeat in World War I, the Transjordan region was administered as OETA East; after British withdrawal this became the Hashemite-ruled Arab Kingdom.

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SHOPPING SUPER MALL Multiple tasks are waiting for you in this supermarket shopping and grocery stores game. Put the grocery items in your cart, organize the shelves of different sections in shopping mall, and put all the items in their appropriate places. Supermarket and groceries manager will roam around to inspect the cleanliness of super mall.

The overflow from this early truancy leaked into Mackay’s first full-length novel, Music Upstairs (1964), in which a young woman becomes romantically entangled with a landlord and his wife and traps.

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