Did Charlie Crist Cause the Recession?

elect Charlie Crist. the regular legislative session in March. Instead, Crist agreed to post a list of contributors every Friday on his inauguration Web site, www.charliecrist.com. But that did.

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Charlie Crist was governor of Florida. The recession was starting to hit hard. And President Obama had just won election in a landslide. Obama came to Ft. Myers to talk up his stimulus plan. Crist was grateful for the money. And then, they hugged. The Club for Growth and Marco Rubio campaigns used the photo to tar Crist as an insincere conservative.

The Education Department did identify 19,166 full-time equivalent jobs — not just teachers — affected by the stimulus money. We rated the statement Mostly True. And while the Great Recession was in full swing during Crist’s term, he took credit for overseeing the start of Florida’s recovery.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is trailing marco rubio (left. from progressives after the debate because of her clash with vice president joe biden "All I did was put out a feeler if he’d like to.

Florida Representative Charlie Crist is fundraising on the notion that his Republican colleagues in the US House of Representatives have "forgotten" about the 2008 recession, and how "everyday Americans went from middle-class one day to the street the next."

Charlie Crist was once a Republican governor of Florida. He wants his old job back – as a Democrat. And that means – to make a strong case among Democratic voters – he has some explaining to do.

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Recession and recovery: Did Crist and Scott really play a role in economic swing? <p>Gov. Rick Scott addresses the crowd during a stop on his Let’s Keep Small business working tour at storm smart industries in Fort Myers on Thursday, May 29 2014.

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"Charlie Crist ran away to try to become a creature of Washington instead of fixing the mess he caused," Curry concluded, citing the ad the RPOF launched last week. "Now, with this upcoming book tour, it looks like Barack Obama’s favorite Democrat is only running for governor to use it as a stepping stone for something larger for himself.