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MERS (and the banks) are Toast. The following is a quote from an expert in the whole fraudclosure scandal: "It is now widely recognized that MERS facilitated fraud by lenders, servicers, foreclosers and securitizers. Even on the most charitable interpretation it is very difficult to believe that MERS was not fraudulent by design.

If there is no notes..there is no SECURE MORTGAGE! Florida Bankers Association inform the Florida Supreme Court that the notes were destroyed to prevent confusion. (pg 4 here) The reason "many.

TODAY’S INTEREST RATES. November 26th, 2012. I hope everyone had a happy and safe thanksgiving!! interest rates rose last week with the Mortgage Backed security market trading down (-53 bps). The stock market has been doing very well recently with optimism that a Fiscal Cliff deal will get done and positive signs from the economy.

Mortgage Rates Back to Flat After Starting higher. july 19, 2018 Mortgage rates had a scare today, as they began the day at their highest levels of the month (depending on the lender) only to fall.

MERS = Mortgage Electronic Registration Inc.holds approximately 60 million American mortgages and is a Delaware corporation whose sole shareholder is Mers Corp. MersCorp and its specified members have agreed to include the MERS corporate name on any mortgage that was executed in conjunction with any mortgage loan made by any member of MersCorp.

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It is a giant, raging hurricane of theft and fraud, spinning its way through America and leaving a massive trail of wiped-out retirees and foreclosed-upon families in its wake.’ Matt Taibbi, Foreclose The Banks

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The Mortgage Crisis, MERS, and Chapter 13 Nashville School of Law Doctorate of Jurisprudence Candidate, 2012 615-496-4361 4/30/2011 By Michael Wennerlund The.

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