Bad Credit Mortgage: Tuesday, December 21, 2004

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams. We know there are MANY reasons why at some point we need to borrow ten grand (with a no collateral loan), and even as much as $100,000 or more.. You can go the hard money route, but I would gander a guess that you are like me and you want to get a loan with a lender who is not trying to fleece you.

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The Justice Department accused Deutsche Bank AG of "recklessly" lying about the quality of loans made by a mortgage unit of the German bank and guaranteed by the U.S. government. View Document In a.

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A graduate student says he’s got bad credit but wants to get a home loan upon graduation. If you get a home loan with bad credit it will cost you more. Before getting a home loan you should first fix bad credit.

HARPs New Guidelines for Homeowners to Refinance Because of this, the basic harp refinance guidelines are in your best interest to know! What is the Harp Program? When you have little equity in your home, or owe as much or more on your mortgage than your home is worth, it can be near impossible finding a lender for refinancing.

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Bad Credit Loans This forum is for people searching for a safe loan who have bad credit. Please ask your questions here and we will help guide you to our best sources for these types of poor credit loans.